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PAGE 7-4 CHAPTER 7 / FREIGHT TRANSPORT TABLE 7-1: ROAD AND RAIL FREIGHT ANNUAL TONNAGE (Source: State of Logistics Survey, 2013) TABLE 7-2: ROAD/RAIL MODAL PERCENTAGE SPLIT (Source: State of Logistics Survey, 2013) containers, and fuel. The rates …

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Published Rates. Locate pricing for any product from grain to coal or from lumber to steel -- as well as information on national tariffs, demurrage and storage charges, fuel surcharges and finance charges. Display Lot Location. Find the lot location and check for billing at intermodal facilities with a given unit number. Industrial Products ...

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15 Existing Rail Networks, Large Coal-Fired Power Plants and Major Coal Mines .....12 16 Gross Revenue of Class 1 Railroads by Commodity, 2013.....13 17 Average Rail Revenue per Ton-Mile for Coal and Rail Cost Adjustment Factor,

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Average railway freight rate per metric ton in India FY 2006-FY 2016 ... Market shares of Deutsche Bahn AG competitors in regional rail transport in Germany from 2010 to 2017 ...

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The average cost of shipping coal by railroad to power plants increased almost 50% in the United States from 2001 to 2010. Railroad transport accounts for more than 70% of U.S. coal destined to the electric power sector, so changes in rail rates can have an important impact on the cost of coal …

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Jun 19, 2019· Pricing and tariffs ... Frequently accessed rate and policy information ... CP named Best Logistics Service Provider - Rail at 2019 Asian Freight Logistics and Supply Chain Awards. June 19, 2019; CP to report second-quarter 2019 earnings results on July 16, 2019.

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FREIGHT RAIL PRICING . Contracts Provide Shippers and Railroads Flexibility, but High Rates Concern Some Shippers . What GAO Found . While rail contracts and tariffs are similar, contracts offer the flexibility to customize rates and terms to a specific …

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surface mining. These emissions rates exclude recovered emissions. Emissions from coal transportation are same as the emissions involved in freight transportation, i.e. 62g CO2/tonne-km for road transport, 22g CO2/tonne-km for rail, 31g CO2/tonne-km for inland waterways, 16g CO2/tonne-km for short-sea shipping, 8.4 g CO2/tonne-km for deep-sea –

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The Surface Transportation Board receives frequent inquiries regarding its handling of freight rail rate complaints. The following table provides a complete list of all freight rail rate cases reviewed by the Board since the agency’s inception in 1996, along with the outcome in each case.

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Nov 23, 2005· Coal transportation patterns have changed over time with the change in coal supply. The Energy Policy Act of 1992 required the Secretary of the Department of Energy to file no fewer than three reports on the change in coal transportation rates and coal distribution patterns as a result of compliance with the 1990 Amendments to the Clean Air Act.

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Note: Rates depend on the volume of cargo and length of the service agreement among other things, and can be negotiated. Tanzania - Zambia Railway (TAZARA)

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Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 26-06-2013

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The third set of tables on coal transportation rates provided transportation rates based on Form EIA-923 Data for the years 2008 through 2012. The rates for the years 2008 and 2010 are slightly different than the rates previously published by EIA due to minor changes in methodology.

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Dec 22, 2015· Rail intermodal pricing has remained relatively steady on the spot market, but truckload transportation is more affordable. Rates on the graph do not include fuel surcharges, which declined from 39¢ to about 20¢ per mile over the past 13 months. Shift in demand for metals, oil and coal affect rail …

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The Rail Freight Transport industry has grown moderately over the past five years, despite exhibiting some revenue volatility. Black coal is a major product carried by rail freight. Demand from black coal mining fell early in the period, before increasing significantly in 2016-17, resulting in …

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Apr 24, 2019· The National Coal Transportation Association (NCTA) is a non-profit corporation whose primary purpose and objectives are to promote the operative and effective transportation of coal, to ensure adequate transportation services, facilities, and equipment for the transportation of coal, and to educate and inform NCTA association members and the general public on issues related to the use …

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How much does it cost to ship via rail. Posted by 304live on Thursday, ... So shovel the coal, let this rattler roll. "A Train is a Place Going Somewhere" CP Rail Public Timetable ... And sometimes the rate you get is the "please take your business elsewhere" rate...when the transportation supplier simply doesn't want the business. Personally I ...

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The Surface Transportation Board (STB or the Board) exercises economic regulatory oversight over certain surface transportation matters. One of the STB’s statutory duties is to adjudicate complaints brought by shippers seeking reductions in railroad transportation rates. For rail traffic that is subject to

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Freight Rate, the cost of transporting goods, is reflective of a number of factors aside from normal transportation costs. The main determining factors of freight rate are: mode of transportation (truck, ship, train, air craft), weight, size, distance, points of pickup …

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Coal alone was 43.3% of tonnage and 24.7% of revenue. Coal accounted for roughly half of U.S. electricity generation and was a major export. As natural gas became cheaper than coal, coal supplies dropped 11% in 2015 but coal rail freight dropped by up to 40%, allowing an increase in car transport by rail, some in tri-level railcars.


Iron ore and coal are the rail industry’s two largest bulk freight commodities. The majority of iron ore produced in Australia is shifted by rail to ports. Bulk rail traffic is mostly ‘intrastate’ or within state borders. The biggest task is the Pilbara region in Western Australia with the transport of iron ore


COAL TRANSPORTATION ECONOMICS CCTR Basic Facts File # 7. ... 2005 Average cost: Coal transportation by rail = $11.68/Ton. Indiana Center for Coal Technology Research 4 CCTR Average Duration of Utility ... Transportation Rate per Ton-Mile Rail & barge rates have reduced but not truck rates

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coal that was transloaded to rail, truck, or other transport modes before final delivery, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reported that 223 million tons of domestic coal and coke were carried by water at some point in the transport chain in 2004 (USACE, 2006).

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In multimodal coal transportation the initial transportation mode from the mine site is not always the primary mode of coal transportation due to the following: Shipments of coal moved to consumers primarily by rail can include coal hauled to or away from a railroad siding by truck.

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Tariffs, policies and notices can affect pricing on coal shipments. Many costs are also market-specific. This section will provide an overview of costs, allowables and conditions. Tariffs. Tariffs outline current rules and guidelines governing the movement of coal trains.

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coal moved represents a rate of increase of 7.0% per year from 1980 to 2000. Coal movement by modes other than railroads for domestic consumption is ... Alternative modes of coal transportation include railroad, pipeline, barge, truck, and conveyor for domestic movement, plus ship movement for overseas.

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CSX is a leading supplier of rail-based freight transportation in North America. But there's more to CSX than you might expect. Learn all about CSX and discover what we're doing for our customers, environment and communities.

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We got our start in rail close to 100 years ago. Since then, we’ve evolved into a world-class transportation leader and the only transcontinental railway in North America. Our 20,000-mile network spans Canada and Mid-America, connecting three coasts: the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico.

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Queensland Existing railway lines. the Moura Rail System: this railway line services five coal mines and runs from Moura to Gladstone where it connects to the two export terminals, the RG Tanna Coal Terminal (70 million tonnes per annum capacity) and the Barney Point Coal Terminal (8 million tonnes of capacity) both of which are in the Port of Gladstone.

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Road freight is the main form of domestic transportation; however, the road infrastructure is very poor and fragmented. There is one major road, the EN1, linking the north and south of the country. Other primary routes are along transport corridors – largely running east/west in parallel to the rail links described earlier.

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2. Examine the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 and the opportunities they provide to western coal producers. 3. Present a model of coal rail rates, showing how rail coal rates vary with intermodal, intramodal, geographic, and product competition. These factors will be assessed in coal

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Gauging U.S. Economic Activity Through Rail Traffic Data Since demand for rail service arises as a result of demand elsewhere in the economy for the products that railroads haul, rail traffic is a useful gauge of broader economic activity, both for specific industries and for the economy as a whole. A sample of current weekly, […]

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